I want to write. Message me some prompts some one.


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Trying out a random editing tool in my mobile

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How did you find my blog?

Leave your stories in my ask, I’m really curious to know! 

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I am looking for new blogs to follow. =D reblog this post or like it or follow me or message me, if you want me to check out your blog.


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This makes explains it all

This makes me cry

This is what I want to tell you but I can’t


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Hey guys! This will be my first post on this blog. I wanted to officially introducing myself in my very first post. My real name is Kashaf and instead of my own name I prefer signing of everything with my tumblr name that is bluemist15. 15 is not just a number, it’s the date I was born on, but…

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Ask me a question
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EVERY TIME this crosses my dash I consider reblogging it because this is my life

oh same

I like how sympathetic Marge is.

i need Marge as my mom



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